Party Pips

Pippa Middleton Sofa Dancing

Last time Pippa Middleton attended a wild party thrown by posh Parisian fashion progidy Arthur de Soultrait it didn't end so well after a pal pointed a toy gun at the paps.

That didn't stop the future queen's sister attending the celebrations of the launch of his new London store last night, and a breathless report from Tatler on Pippa Middleton sofa-dancing at the after-party last night follows (alas, no pics).Pippa Middleton likes dancing on sofas, and so when Arthur de Soultrait's Vicomte A store launch party night went from polite to super fun, Pippa was the first to climb up on the upholstery and throw some moves. Charles Astor, Alex Marx, Victoria Aitken and Charlie Fellowes had also sauntered to the new flagship store on the King's Road for celebratory bubbles and a late-night shop, along with Ed Taylor who chatted to Olivia Grant and Diego Bivero-Volpe, while Henry Conway and Orlando Hamilton compared rings. Then Arthur led a lucky few over to the Brompton Club for dinner and dancing (some peoples were so desperate for an invite, they even offered to buy a place) and after a yummy three-course feast, Pippa jumped up on the sofas to dance and everyone followed, only stopping when the clock struck 3am.