Book Tour problems

Pippa On Tour

Pippa Middleton's book on party planning - 'Celebrate' - is coming out on 30 October, and we are starting to wonder how she will support and promote the book.

It's certainly a quandry - does she answer questions about Kate and her role in the wedding and risk being accused of cashing in or refuse to go there and risk not getting any coverage?

Publishing sources tell the Royalist that although the royals publicly profess to have no interest or influence on Pippa's life, they have weighed in during the preparations for the launch, and Now Magazine in the UK is saying in their new issue out today that the palace has appealed to Pippa to have some media training to deflect tricky questions.

A source tells the mag: 'Pippa's been summoned for a crisis meeting. It's been decided she needs more protection. Kate's personally overseeing it and has asked Pippa to agree to some intensive lessons in dealing with intrusion; what to say, what to wear - the lot.'

For comparison, Tom Parker-Bowles, William's step-brother, is busily promoting his own cook book at the moment, and did answer questions about the topless photo scandal when the Royalist asked them.

Will Pippa dish? We'll have to wait and see.