Party Pieces

Pippa's SIMPLE Party Tips

The Royalist's favourite new spoof twitter account, @pippatips, is a parodic take on Pipa Middleton's over-simple party tips.

Choice samples include:"If you fancy a bit of a laugh, watching, reading or listening to comedy can be an amusing way to bring the smiles!""When driving at night, lights aren't only a legal requirement, but a fun way of seeing the road and other things!""Coffee is a great pick-me-up on to put some zing in those long Monday mornings, can be served with or without milk and/or sugar.""If you want to write to someone but don't want to wait for it to be delivered via post simply send an e-mail using a computer!""Music can provide a great soundtrack to all sorts of activities!""Celebrate the traditional British Friday by visiting the pub with friends or colleagues & drinking some alcohol!""If you're in a pub or restaurant that is closing but you'd like to continue your night out, try a nightclub for continued fun!""Roast Sunday lunches make for delicious leftovers for the rest of the week!” (Oh no, sorry, that's a real one. My mistake, the Royalist)