Pirate Treasure Found From Shipwreck

Ahoy! Divers off the coast of Cape Cod have found a pirate ship treasure that’s been submerged since the early 1700s. Barry Clifford discovered the wreck site of the Whydah, the only pirate ship to sink in U.S. waters, in 1984 and has been pulling up thousands of artifacts ever since. But in early September, Clifford found evidence that there may be hundreds of thousands of gold coins yet to be recovered. Days before it sank in a massive storm in 1717, the Whydah plundered two ships and took 400,000 gold coins. Clifford’s crew has found several concretions, or rocky masses that form when metals like gold react with seawater. Whether they find the coins or not will be a mystery that will have to wait until diving season starts back up again next year around June.