‘Playboy Club’ Premiere Bombs

The Playboy Club may not be open for long: the NBC show’s premiere bombed, attracting just 5 million viewers and finishing in last place in its time slot. Vanity Fair contacted a former Playboy bunny, Marilyn Miller, for her thoughts. “I’m so disappointed,” she wrote. “None of those things happened. They did a wonderful job re-creating the club physically, but everything else ...” She elaborated, “I thought it was cheap, it was degrading, it was demoralizing. It makes the Bunnies seem silly. You didn't have time to stand around and flirt with the customers or talk to the other Bunnies or run around and get in trouble or have a smoke in the back alley. You were so busy. You worked!” And, she concluded, “not one Bunny I know liked the show. Everyone is hoping it gets canceled.”