‘Polar Vortex’ Slams U.S.

Time to renew that Netflix subscription, because you most likely won’t be leaving your house anytime soon. Subzero temperatures caused by a “polar vortex” slammed much of the U.S. on Monday, with frigid air sweeping from the Dakotas through Minnesota. Temperatures in the Midwest and the Plains states dropped as low as 30 below zero, with the wind chill making it seem as cold as -50 degrees. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn advised people not to go outside unless absolutely necessary, while meteorologists warned there is the threat of frostbite in “minutes or even seconds.” Thousands of flights were canceled, and passengers on an Amtrak train traveling from Detroit to Chicago were stranded after the train’s engine froze. No wonder Michelle Obama stayed behind in Hawaii—how many of us can she take in for this party?