Police Kill Man 3 Miles From Ferguson

Two police officers shot and killed a man Tuesday afternoon in North St. Louis, Missouri, approximately three miles from Ferguson's protest area. Kajieme Powell, 25, allegedly stole pastries and energy drinks from a convenience store. Officers arrived and saw Powell, 25, “acting erratically,” according to St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson. Dotson said the officers left their vehicle and told Powell to get down. Instead, he approached them and reached for his waistband. The officers drew their guns and ordered him to stop, which he did before pulling a knife. Then Powell moved toward the officers again, and when he was within three feet of them, they opened fire. Witnesses said Powell was saying: "Shoot me, kill me now." Both officers have been put on administrative duty pending investigation, per department policy. “I think anyone who has been watching television over the last week has to be concerned," Dotson said of ongoing tensions. A crowd of around 150 gathered outside the store, forcing the Palestinian owner and his relatives to guard the business from inside, as he had been told by his insurance that it would not cover "terrorist acts" like looting. Some of the crowd would at times chant "Hands up! Shoot back!" as police stood nearby.