Police: Undocumented Immigrants Targeted in Kidnapping, Robbery Scheme

Police in a Florida town are warning that undocumented immigrants may be the targets of a criminal scheme after three people were charged Thursday with kidnapping, armed robbery, and aggravated battery, the Sun Sentinel reports. “It is believed that this group is targeting undocumented immigrants and robbing them for their cash,” Davie Police Sgt. Mark Leone was quoted as saying by the Sentinel. “We believe that they target these undocumented immigrants because they are less likely to report being a victim of a crime to the police.” Leone said the victim was ambushed at a stop sign late Saturday and forced at gunpoint to drive with two suspects to a mobile home park, where five other people allegedly restrained him before beating him and robbing him of $1,387 in cash and his ATM card. The group reportedly told him he would be deported for being undocumented if he went to police to report the crime, and one female suspect allegedly told him she’d accuse him of rape if he went to the authorities. Three people, identified as Natalie Rebecca Williams, Joshua Aaron Reiff, and Andres Rafael, have so far been charged in the alleged plot, though police say at least four other people were involved.