Operation Elveden

Policeman Who Penned William Gatecrasher Enquiry Arrested

Remebr when a comedian dressed as osama Bin Laden mangaed to get into Prince William's 21st birthday?

Well, the senior British Policeman responsible for overseeing the enquiry into that particular breach of security a decade ago has now been arrested as part of Operation Elveden – the police operation set up to investigate bribes paid to police officers and other public officials - over allegedly leaking information to a journalist.

The Mail is reporting that Frank Armstrong, 52, until recently the £130,000-a-year second in charge of City of London Police, is the first chief officer to be arrested by Elveden.

Last night the police watchdog stressed that ‘at this stage’, no money is alleged to have changed hands between him and the reporter.

His arrest came just two months after he was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service.