Political Dispute on Facebook Leads to Florida Shooting: Police

A Florida man shot another man after they got into a fight while commenting on a Facebook post about President Donald Trump, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Brian Sebring, 44, is facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm after allegedly shooting Alex Stephens, 46. Before the incident, the pair had been arguing on Facebook about whether felons should have voting rights. A user who witnessed their exchange said Sebring was “badmouthing felons who couldn’t vote.” Stephens, a felon, then took the conversation to Facebook Messenger, according to Sebring, who said Stephens threatened him during the private conversation. A screenshot obtained by the Times shows that Sebring threatened Stephens, as well. “Dude I’m going to empty a full 5.56 magazine into your head,” Sebring, a Democrat, wrote before driving to Stephens’ home. Sebring told police that Stephens charged him outside the home while holding a steak knife, so he shot him. Stephens was shot in the thigh and buttocks, and taken to the hospital. “This guy threatened to hurt my family, and I went off the deep end. I wasn’t thinking right,” Sebring told the Times. “You know, after this I’m going to go see a therapist or something.”