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Poll Results: Our Readers Are Ready to Leave Afghanistan--David Frum

Today we asked, "Is the U.S. mission in Afghanistan over?"

Yes. 55%Why are we still there, again? 17%God, I hope so. 11%War-weary troops, both us and Afghans. Sick of fighting, get out now! 6%Osama bin Laden is dead. 4%No. 4%

The overwhelming anti-war sentiment came from all corners.

balconesfault: From the article: He had served three tours of duty in Iraq, this official said, and had been deployed to Afghanistan for the first time in December.

People will break. This event is a metaphor for the continued wasting of years of life for tens of thousands of American soldiers, and the continued senseless killings of far too many Afghan civilians. The US has begun our withdrawal ... but we should have to justify what we're doing there before we allow the withdrawal to proceed along the elongated timeline we currently have. It is a shame that at a time when 60% of Americans consider the Afghan war not worth fighting, and 56% say we should withdraw ASAP, the current debate between our political parties ranges from "a long multi-year drawdown" to "invading Iran"

Quite a few readers were wondering what the mission even is.

Karen D. What is the mission?

Rob654: Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what exactly our Mission ever was in that country? I've read so many different things about why were went there, why we ramped up there and why we are still there that to be honest I can't really put my finger on a concise Mission Statement.