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Poll Results: Readers Not Appalled by the President's Statements—David Frum

Today we asked, "Has President Obama gone too far in his criticisms of the Supreme Court?"

No: 66%Yes: 26%Not sure if it was a smart idea...smacks of intimidation: 3%Compared to who?: 2%

Although some may have thought Obama was deliberately criticizing the Court, others reckoned that he was actually engaging in political posturing, not a sinister expansion of executive power.

Michael K.: I don't think Obama is criticizing the Court per se as much as he's criticizing Conservatives who rally behind the "judicial activism" cause only when it coincides with their pre-existing opinions.

Others, however, did see it as part of the ongoing highly charged debate between both sides of the aisle about the proper role of the Court in public life.

nonequity: I wonder how many Conservatives will be defending the sanctity of the Supreme Court if/when they uphold Obamacare?

And both sides are guilty of their own self-interest, which of course the Federalist Papers predict, and created this system of shared powers to balance:

Cindy: I find the outcry from the Right about Obama's questioning the Supreme Court to be absolutely ridiculous, because only someone who's either a rabid partisan or who's been asleep for the last 20 years could have possibly missed the Right crying about "activist judges" and pushing a very political agenda in appointing the courts. That being said, I find it very distasteful and classless when either side does it. It speaks to the worst in people, to attack what I consider one of the best features of the design of our government....the three branches all set up as checks and balances. It is genius and for both sides to be chipping away at that for political gain? Shame on all of them.