Poll: Young Arab Support for ISIS Drops

A new survey shows that the self-declared Islamic State has seen a sharp decline in support among Arab men and women between the ages of 18 and 24. According to the 16-country poll, nearly 80 percent of teens and young adults surveyed ruled out any possibility of supporting ISIS, even if the terror group gave up its current practices. About 60 percent had noted the same answer in a study a year ago. The study reportedly found that respondents are more afraid of the militant group than in previous years. Seventy-five percent also said they believed the self-proclaimed caliphate would fail. The public relations firm that conducted the study, which has followed young Arabs’ opinions on the group for years, said “tacit support” for ISIS is declining. More than half of the nearly 3,500 respondents said ISIS was the No. 1 problem facing the Middle East.