Brit Debate

Polls Say Nick Clegg Wins

In the first televised British Prime Minister debate, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, seems to have come out on top. Three separate polls found Clegg beating out Tory leader David Cameron and current Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Clegg branded himself as the voice of “fairness” and asked his opponents to be honest with the public. The debate consisted of clashes over the economy, national defense, and care for the elderly, but the most heated exchanges came over the topic of recovering from the recession. Clegg distanced himself from his two competitors, accusing them of “sounding exactly the same.” His strategy may have been well played, as Clegg ended up with 51 percent approval over Cameron’s 29 percent and Brown’s 19 percent. “Don’t’ let them tell you that the only choice is between two old parties who have been playing pass the parcel with our government for 65 years,” Clegg said. Further debates are scheduled leading up to the May 6 election.