Trump: No Vote on GOP Health-Care Plan Until After Election

After months of boasting and much bravado about a Republican plan, President Trump said Monday night that he’ll wait to call for a vote on any health-care legislation until after the 2020 presidential election. On Twitter, he wrote “[The] vote will be taken right after the Election when Republicans hold the Senate & win.... back the House.” The declaration was part of a series of posts in which Trump said the Affordable Care Act doesn’t work, Republicans have a better plan, and, finally, how he needs his party to control the presidency and Congress to make it a reality. The president began pushing Republicans last week to fight for a new health-care overhaul— even soliciting allies in Congress to help him. Senior GOP lawmakers, however, had flinched at the request, saying they would either wait on the White House to introduce its own health-care bill or stick to possible bipartisan priorities, such as lowering drug costs. Further, two Republican state attorneys general submitted briefs arguing that Obamacare should not be overturned on a case making its way through the courts.