Fowl Play

Prince Charles's Chickens Killed By Foxes!

Prince Charles has closed down his small free-range egg business after 24 of his beloved hens were killed by a fox.

The chicken massacre is the latest blow to Prince Charles’s organic micro-business after his shop, the Veg Shed, which sold organic produce, including freshly picked fruit and vegetables, as well as meat from his ecologically raised cattle, was forced to close last week after the prince accepted it simply wasn’t financially viable.

The store became famous for “wonky carrots”—the type often rejected by supermarkets on aesthetic grounds.

The chicken disaster was announced to egg-buyers yesterday when customers, according to local paper The Gloucester Citizen, were met with a notice reading: “Dear Customers, The fox killed 24 of our chickens now the rest of the surviving chickens have been brought to a more secure location. This will mean no more eggs to sell, sorry, regards.”