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Prince George Is Vanity Fair's August Cover Star

Graydon Carter bets America will buy George

Vanity Fair have put Prince George on the cover of their August issue.

And while they’ve done their best to make the cover look like a photoshoot, its actually a stock picture from the Royal tour of Australasia.

The story itself is written by one of my favorite royal writers, Katie Nicholl, who infuses her tale with the usual sprinkling of delightfully gossipy nuggets.

Among the factoids:

George is not a perfect baby: According to the VF website, Nicholl reports that “for the first few months the prince cried loudly and frequently, and he was not sleeping through the night. Nanny Jessie Webb tried hard to get him into a routine, but the baby prince, who was still breastfeeding, was permanently hungry. Nicholl reveals that it was only in the new year, when Kate introduced solids, that George finally slept through the night.”

George has playdates: Nicholl reports that William and Kate “take George to playdates at the homes of friends, among them Kate’s old Marlborough friend Alice St. John Webster.”

George may have a sibling next year: As for speculation about when Prince George will have a sibling, Nicholl reports that “there are rumors among the couple’s friends that they plan to try this summer”.

George got special travel dispensation from the Queen: The Queen allowed William and George to fly together to Australasia, “even though this was a breach of protocol because direct heirs do not usually travel together.”