Harry On The Move?

Prince Harry May Move Pads

Chris Jackson

As a Prince of the Realm, Harry has always had the finest choice of bachelor pads that money could - or could not - buy.

After moving out of a single room at his father's house, Clarence House, Prince Harry moved into a former staff apartment in Kensington Palace

However there is now a suggestion from the outspoken Princess Michael of Kent, who is busily promoting a new book, that Harry could move into the apartment in Kensington Palace currently occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The Princess told Tatler magazine that if Harry did move, he would be closer to his brother and Kate, "They are rattling around this huge space and I think Prince Harry might go there, then they'd be next door to each other – very good move."

There had been speculation that Prince Harry might have moved into Norfolk cottage the small one bedroom home in Kensington Park with its own front door which was previously occupied by Prince William and Kate Middleton but which they have now moved out of into the ten bedroom apartment 1A previously occupied by Princess Margaret - and home to some of London's wildest parties in the 1960s and 70s.