Down Under

Prince Harry Meets Australian PM's "Not Bad Looking" Daughters

“Lock up your daughters Tony Abbott, Prince Harry is heading down under to party,” said Melbourne’s Herald Sun ahead of the young royal's visit to Australia, which is now well and truly under way.

But Mr Abbott - who described himself during the recent election campaign as “the guy with the not bad looking daughters” - today ignored that advice to introduce his wife Margie, and two of their three daughters, Frances and Bridget, to Harry.

Another newspaper reported the Prince's visit today by saying, “Ladies, Prince Harry is in town… but you probably already know that. Thus begins a frenzied 24-hour blitz by the broads to somehow, anyhow, get the attention of the most desirable ginger in the cosmos.”

Thousands of people crowded the shoreline of Sydney harbor to watch as the Prince took part in the procession of warships as part of the International Fleet Review featuring 40 warships, 16 tall ships and 8,000 sailors.

Harry was greeted with cheers and waving flags as he later walked along the waterfront, shaking hands with and chatting with members of the public.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: "Prince Harry, I regret to say not every Australian is a monarchist. But today everyone feels like a monarchist. You grace us as your family has graced our nation from its beginning, as the Crown is a symbol of our stability, continuity and decency in public life."

Harry will be in Sydney for just a few more hours before heading on to Perth, flying out on Sunday.