Marathon Man

Prince Harry Salutes 'Remarkable' Bostonians at London Marathon

Harry went ahead with long-standing plans to attend London Marathon yesterday

Prince Harry paid tribute to the people of Boston yesterday as he presented medals to the winners of the London marathon, accompanied by Richard Branson of sponsors Virgin

He told the BBC that missing the event was "was never an option as far as I was concerned," adding, "Certainly everyone that was planning on coming is still here, no one's changed any plans - the volunteers, the security, everyone is here, nothing's changed. It was always going to be really well run and it always is, typically the British way the London marathon has been running for years.

"The way that Boston has dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. It's never going to get anyone down here, the great thing about the marathon is no matter what colour you are, or religion, no matter what nationality you are, everyone comes together to run a certain distance to raise money for amazing causes."I think that you can never that take away from people."The prince also spoke about his recent announcement that he will take part in a race to the South Pole with a team of wounded British servicemen and women later this year."Walking with the Wounded is something that I've been involved with for sometime now," he said, "The only reason that I've signed up myself for this is well, firstly, because I only managed to do four days last time. I got dragged back, which was a horrible thing to do. But any way that I can support these guys I will, if that means walking 280 miles or whatever it is - no one told me that when I signed up for it - now I know it's a hell of a long way and I'll do my bit."