The Spare

Prince Harry Told His Brother, "You'll Be King And I Won't, So I Can Do What I Like."

We always got the impression the Prince Harry kind of enjoyed not having too much responsibility - and a new book confirms just that.

Prince Harry told his brother Prince William, "You'll be king and I won't, so I can do what I like," according to a new biography of the boisterous young royal.

In a new biography, serialised in the Mirror at the weekend, royal correspondent Marcia Moody writes: “William often received the lion’s-share of attention from some senior members of the family and some of the staff.

“The Queen Mother used to put a seat next to her and call for William to sit on it, and he also used to go to Clarence House, without Harry, to see her.”

However, rather than get upset by the special treatment his brother received, Prince Harry decided to make the most of it.

On one occasion however, Harry's rivalry with William took a dramatic turn when he cracked him over the head with a pool cue while staying at Richard Branson's Necker Island retreat.

The new book also claims that as a punishment for turning up at a fancy dress party wearing a swastika, Harry was forced by his dad to spend the rest of the holidays mucking out the pigs at his farm in Gloucestershire.