Kiss and Tell?

Prince Harry's Las Vegas 'Lover' Writing Book

Well, there's a big surprise. Not.

The beautician who claimed to have had a 'drunken fumble' with Prince Harry and was subsequently thrown in jail over a bounced cheque - an incarceration she blames on the British secret service - is writing a book about her escapades with Prince Harry and other rich and famous men she claims to have 'partied' with.

Reports say that Carrie Reichert, 40, names Tiger Woods, Jude Law, Robbie Williams and Michael Jordan as some of those about whom she has stories to tell.

Attentive readers of the Royalist will recall that hours after Miss Reichert - who was born in Britain but lives in LA - gave an interview detailing a 'naked fumble' with Prince Harry in Vegas at the time of the naked pictures scandal, she was arrested and thrown into jail when attempting to board a plane to Mexico.

She spent a month behind bars.

Reichert is comparing her book to that of high class call girl Belle Du Jour, according to MailOnline.

Reichert told the website last night: "I am writing a book about what happened with Harry and other people too. I want to put the record straight on the many things, which have been said about me in recent months. I think many people will be surprised at my life story."