Phone Hacking Scandal

Prince Harry's Party Pal: "My Phone was Hacked Too."

A close friend of William and Harry is suing News International over alleged phone hacking by the News of the World, according to the UK Guardian, the paper that has been at the forefront of reporting over the long-running saga.

It is thought that operatives acting on behalf of the paper may have intercepted Meade's voicemails to get information about William and Kate, who attended Meade's wedding in October 2010 in an appearance that prompted speculation that they were engaged.

Harry Meade has filed a civil claim against News Group Newspapers at the high court in London.Meade is a party pal of Harry's who first came to public attention as the host of the fancy dress party in 2005 to which Prince Harry wore a swastika armband. Meade is an accomplished showjumper and is also friends with Zara Philips.

Meade's suit is one of eight fresh phone-hacking claims filed against News International in the past month.Another claiming damages for breach of privacy is Dr Hasnat Khan, the former lover of Princess Diana. The heart and lung surgeon had a two-year relationship with the princess that ended months before her death in 1997.He told the Mail on Sunday last year after discovering his voicemails may have been intercepted: "To know that someone has been listening to your private messages is awful. It is absolutely terrible. It feels as if you have been robbed. We live in the UK. We are supposed to have civil liberties. I feel really, really violated. I am very angry."

A spokeswoman for News International said: "We are looking at the details of all these claims."