Prince No. 1 on Billboard Top 200 Chart

Prince’s albums The Very Best of Prince and Purple Rain topped the Billboard 200 albums chart almost immediately following the rock and R&B legend’s untimely death at age 57. After the Purple One passed away Thursday—the final day of that week’s album-sales tracking—fans rushed to purchase enough of his music in just a half-day that the aforementioned records qualified for the two highest-selling albums of the week. The Very Best ranked No. 1 with 179,000 units sold, and his 1984 soundtrack Purple Rain sold 69,000 units. Additionally, Prince’s 1993 box set The Hits/The B-Sides entered the top 10 with 41,000 units sold. According to Billboard, the late singer’s massive posthumous sales come not just as a reflection of his popularity but also of his music’s limited availability for streaming online.