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Princess Diana Film-Makers in Papparazzi Deal

In an ironic twist, the producers of the Naomi Watts-starring Princess Diana movie, scheduled for release next year, have struck a deal with a paparazzi news agency in the hope of limiting the amount of long-lenses hanging around their set.

Photographers have been plaguing the set during the filming of the open-air scenes, so when it came to a particularly eye-catching set-piece, a water scene reliving the yachting trip of Di and her lover Dodi Fayed, Ecosse Films struck an exclusive deal with Splash News and Picture Agency to offer it access to the best angles for photos, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Providing Splash with photo access left most of the other agencies uninterested in covering photos from the movie’s set, the producers claimed.“We knew we would have to deal with the situation, so we got out in front of it,” the film’s rep told The Hollywood Reporter.