Producer Gary Goddard Accused of Abusing Seven More Child Actors

Seven people have come forward to accuse Hollywood producer Gary Goddard of molesting or attempting to molest them when they were child actors, the Los Angeles Times reports. Goddard, who spent years mentoring child actors in Santa Barbara, California, is accused of sexual misconduct ranging from inappropriate touching to repeated instances of sexual abuse, according to the report. The allegations come after former ER star Anthony Edwards penned an online essay last month accusing Goddard of sexually abusing him when he was a boy, describing him as “a man who’s attracted to little boys, and attracted in the sickest way.” One of Goddard’s accusers, former actor Mark Driscoll, told the Los Angeles Times he dreaded Goddard’s visits, because “I knew I would have to experience things I didn’t want to.” Sam Singer, Goddard’s publicist, has disputed the allegations, describing them as “full of innuendo and hearsay.”