Prosecutors Probe Trump Campaign Chief's ‘Voter Fraud’

State’s attorneys in Florida’s Miami-Dade County are reportedly looking into the voter records of Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign chief. Bannon’s voting history was turned over by election officials in the area, NBC News reported. “I know that there is an investigation but I know very little about it,” said Rosy Pastrana, executive assistant to the county’s election supervisor. “They requested voter records for him, which is why I know there is an investigation going on.” State Attorney Ed Griffith said he could not comment except to say that “we investigate all potential crimes brought to our attention.” He added, “If it was brought to our attention, we would certainly review any potential crime to see if it is indeed a crime or an administrative violation.” Last week, The Guardian reported that Bannon, the erstwhile head of Breitbart News, was registered to vote at a vacant home in Miami.