Prosecutors Seek Two-Year Prison Term for Former Senate Intelligence Staffer James Wolfe

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday recommended a two-year prison sentence for James Wolfe, a former Senate Intelligence Committee aide accused of lying to FBI investigators about his contact with reporters during a federal leak probe. In court documents filed Tuesday, prosecutors allege that Wolfe “significantly disrupted a government function and significantly endangered national security” by leaking sensitive documents and information to a female reporter with whom he had a relationship. Wolfe, the former Director of Security for the SSCI, is said to have “exchanged tens of thousands of text messages and other electronic communications” with the reporter, who his lawyers have identified as New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Wolfe allegedly did not disclose his contacts with Watkins to the SSCI. The memo also states that Wolfe repeatedly lied to the FBI about leaking a Top Secret FISA application to a reporter, which “directly” impacted the FBI investigation into the leak. Wolfe pleaded guilty to “willfully and knowingly making a material false statement” in October after it was revealed he lied to the FBI. His sentencing date is scheduled for Dec. 20.