Protesters Demand Brazilian President’s Ouster Amid Corruption Claims

Protesters in cities across Brazil on Sunday demanded the ouster of President Michel Temer over recent corruption allegations. In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of demonstrators marched holding signs that read “Temer Out!” Demonstrations took place in several other cities as well, with many protesters saying the government corruption scandal threatens to worsen the country’s economic crisis. Temer has faced increasing scrutiny since an audio recording was released last week in which a man purported to be the Brazilian president can be heard arranging bribes. The bribes were to be given to a lawmaker who has already been jailed on corruption charges and was said to have incriminating information on the president. Brazil’s highest court has opened an investigation into the allegations against Temer, and opposition politicians have called for his impeachment. The president has maintained his innocence, however, and refused to step down. The scandal is just the latest fallout from Operation Car Wash, a massive corruption investigation underway since 2014 that has seen dozens of officials charged.