Protests Escalate in Middle East

From Cairo, to Sudan, to Yemen, to Bangladesh, anti-American demonstrations across the Middle East show no sign of stopping. Protesters filled the streets and attempted to overtake U.S. embassies Friday in anger over an amateur film that depicts the Prophet Muhammad as a pedophile and womanizer. Protests in Egypt continued for the third straight day, and angry Tunisians and Yemenis overran American embassies. In Sudan, three people were killed during protests; and in Tunisia at least two are dead as hundreds of injuries were reported in protests throughout the region. A U.S. military base was also breached in Afghanistan Friday, killing two soldiers in an attack that may have been connected to the protests. At a memorial service for the returning U.S. victims in Libya, President Obama vowed to “stand fast” and promised “The United States will never retreat from the world.”