‘Psychic’ World Cup Octopus Chopped Up and Eaten in Japan

A supposedly psychic Japanese octopus that correctly predicted the outcomes of all three of Japan’s World Cup games so far has been chopped up and eaten before getting the chance to make a call for Japan’s knockout match against Belgium, according to local reports. Rabiot, a giant Pacific octopus, correctly tipped the result of Japan’s games against Colombia, Poland, and Senegal—but was “shipped” before Monday’s game. Rabiot made his predictions by swimming in a paddling pool and moving toward one of three baskets labeled with Japan, its opponent, and a draw. Fisherman Kimio Abe reportedly felt the success of his business was more important than keeping the mystical octopus alive, and said another octopus will step into his eight large shoes. “I hope that the second Rabiot will also give all the outcomes correctly and that Japan will go all the way,” said the fisherman.