Life Behind Bars

Punch Will Save Your Summer Party

On this episode of the podcast, Life Behind Bars, punch authority David Wondrich reveals some of the secrets of the flowing bowl and his personal punch recipe.


Summer party hosts, a word of advice: forget about serving cocktails.

Parties should be fun for the guests as well as the host and making drinks for a large groups is hard and sweaty work. So, put away the shaker, the bar spoon and the strainer. You won’t need them. Instead, at your next event make a big bowl of delicious punch, which can be prepared in advance and is the original session drink!

Over the last decade, the drink’s reputation has greatly improved—from fraternity house staple to the darling of the cocktail community. A number of the best bars around the country now offer big bowls of historic and delicious punch on their menu. A few will even serve you a glass of it as a welcome drink. And there’s no one more qualified to talk about punch than Life Behind Bars co-host David Wondrich, who literally brought the concoction back to prominence with his book.

In fact, his delicious punch recipe may just save your summer parties. You can’t afford not to listen to this episode.

Life Behind Bars features Half Full’s editor Noah Rothbaum and its Senior Drinks Columnist David Wondrich as they discuss the greatest bartenders and greatest cocktails of all time. Edited by Alex Skjong.

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