Qatar Clears US Couple in Child's Death

Matthew and Grace Huang were cleared of wrongdoing in the death of their adopted Qatari daughter on Sunday. A Qatari appeals court overturned the Huangs' original conviction for child endangerment after 8-year-old Gloria died in January 2013. However, the couple is not free to return home yet. Although the Huangs were headed to the airport to finally leave Qatar, a representative for the couple, Eric Volz, said officials had barred them from leaving. "We are safe but need prayer. Huangs have been barred from leaving Qatar. Huge showdown happening here at airport," tweeted Volz. Prosecutors alleged that the Huangs starved Gloria, but the Huangs say she had strange eating patterns, including phases of binging and starvation, when they adopted her. The Huangs also have two sons they adopted from Africa. Qatari police raised concerns about why the Huangs would want to adopt a child who does not share their “heriditary traits.”