Looking Back

Queen Mother Remembered: Great Anecdotes

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Queen Mother's death, the Royalist has collected a series of anecdotes from the super website anecdotage.comKing George VI and Queen Elizabeth once attended a Noel Coward-Gertrude Lawrence production at a London theater. As the couple entered the royal box, the entire audience rose to honor them."What an entrance!" Lawrence exclaimed from his post in the wings. Coward's reply? "What a part!Whilst inspecting the Guard at Buckingham Place one day with Noel Coward, the Queen Mother glanced across at Noel and caught his eye lingering upon an attractive young soldier. The Queen Mother lent towards him and said "I wouldn't if I was you Noel... they count them before they go back in."The Queen Mother was not entirely amused when Queen Elizabeth II considered having a second glass of wine with lunch one day shortly after her coronation. "Don't forget, my dear," the elder Elizabeth drily remarked, "you have to reign all afternoon."Whilst waiting to be served her Gin & Tonic, the Queen Mum could hear two openly gay members of her staff arguing in the hallway outside her sitting room. Impatient at being kept waiting so long the Queen Mother eventually called out "When you two old Queens have finished arguing, this Old Queen wants her Gin."