Not Extinct

Rage Against the Machine Dinosaur: What’s a Transformer Dinobot?

Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg present robot dinosaurrs.

A mechanic stumbles upon an old truck. But it’s not a truck! It’s Optimus Prime. And that isn’t just any mechanic! It’s Mark Wahlberg. That is essentially the plot of Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth-installment of the blockbuster franchise.

The trailer reveals that the government finds out about Marky Mark’s discovery, chaos ensues, and there are a ton of cool-looking explosions and epic robot battles. (This is all done with the subtlety of someone wielding a jackhammer.)What really caught our attention—and the attention of hardcore Transformers fans—is the Dinobot at the end. These, as the name would suggest, are robots who transform into dinosaurs.

Michael Bay’s Dinobot looks like The Terminator meets Jurassic Park. Has he done this beloved beast justice?

Or do they look like this:

The people are excited.

But they've been let down before.

But really, how can this not be cool?