Rapper 2 Milly Sues Fortnite Video Game Over Dance Moves

Rapper 2 Milly has sued the makers of Fortnite, claiming they stole a dance he came up with and integrated it into the popular video game without permission, the Associated Press reports. The rapper, whose real name is Terrence Ferguson, reportedly claimed North Carolina-based Epic Games “misappropriated his moves without compensation or credit” in an in-game “emote” called “Swipe It.” Ferguson alleged the dance was taken from “Milly Rock,” a dance he developed in 2011 that gained popularity in the summer of 2015. “They never even asked my permission,” Ferguson was quoted as saying in a statement. Actor Donald Faison also noticed his dance from the TV show “Scrubs” appeared as a game “emote” earlier this year. “Dear fortnite ... I’m flattered? Though part of me thinks I should talk to a lawyer,” Faison tweeted back in March. Epic Games spokesman Nick Chester reportedly declined comment.