Reader Reactions to Randian Romney

Here are a couple reader responses to yesterday's Randian Romney post.

One astutely muses about cognitive dissonance among the many conservative Republicans within the 47%.

My new husband, a fervent conservative and talk radio listener, has not paid income tax for three out of the last four years due to business losses. I wonder how it will go over in our house when I point out he is part of the 47%.

And this reader is furious at Romney's indifference to senior citizens.

I am so mad at this video I can hardly see straight!

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the "47% of Americans who pay no income tax" include an awful lot of senior citizens on Social Security and meager pensions? My parents (dad died at 82, mom passed at 90) paid no income tax the last 5 years of their lives (13 in the case of my mom) because their pension was too small for them to owe income tax! My dad was in the Navy during WWII; my mom was a civilian employee of the Dept. of War during WWII. They raised two kids who turned out to be pretty solid citizens( I am definitely in the 1%, my married sister died young of cancer, but parented two solid kids of her own and THEY now have kids!), worked for over 40 years, took care of THEIR elderly parents when it became necessary, and retired on the pension they had paid into for all those years. And my parents also paid into Medicare, and used it when they needed it.

And Mitt Romney DARES to consider my parents to be moochers and takers and lacking in responsibility?!?!?? Screw him and the tax deduction dressage horse he rode in on!