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Rebecca Black’s Back, Conan O’Brien’s Lyft Joyride & More Viral Videos

From the return of the ‘Friday’ girl to a 16-year-old’s uncanny Elvis rendition and a WestJet Christmas miracle, WATCH our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

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5. Rebecca Black Is Back

Rebecca Black, a.k.a. the girl known for the obnoxiously catchy song ‘Friday,’ is at it again. Her followup single? Why ‘Saturday,’ of course.

4. Long Live the King

Sixteen-year-old David Thibault recreates Elvis’ ‘Blue Christmas’ so flawlessly you might just think it’s The King himself.

3. A Special Holiday Message

When Claire Koch performed holiday songs with her class, she took the performance one step further than the rest of her classmates. To allow her deaf parents to get in on the season’s cheer, she signed the lyrics to all of the songs.

2. The WestJet Christmas Miracle

Best airline ever? Canadian company WestJet recently brought its travelers a Christmas surprise. Not only did each passenger get to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, but they were all pleasantly surprised to find something more than their luggage waiting for them at baggage claim.

1. Cube, Kevin, and Coco Get a Lyft

What happens when Conan O’Brien, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart go for a joyride? What about when they do it in someone else’s car? Find out how an unsuspecting Lyft driver reacted when the trio called for a ride.