Rebels: ‘NATO Has Disappointed Us’

Abdul Fatah Younis, the head of the Libyan rebels, says he is “disappointed” in NATO for doing too little to protect civilians. "Unfortunately, and I am sorry to say this, NATO has disappointed us. My staff have been in contact with NATO officials to direct them to targets that should protect civilians, but until now, NATO has not given us what we need," Younis said. His comments came as Muammar Gaddafi’s forces recaptured Brega and rebels retreated to Ajdabiya. Younis said NATO “takes hours” to respond when then rebels call in targets. He was particularly critical of NATO’s response in Misrata: “Civilians are dying daily because of lack of food or milk, even children are dying. Even by bombing. If NATO waits for another week, it will be a crime that NATO will have to carry. What is NATO doing?”