Rebels: NATO Strike Hit Our Camp

More friendly fire in Libya: A NATO air attack on Thursday hit a rebel position near the town of Brega and killed at least five fighters, according to rebels and a hospital worker. On Saturday, rebels blamed NATO for another attack that killed 13 not far from the same spot. NATO jets have been targeting Muammar Gaddafi’s forces around the city of Brega after his troops pushed rebels out of the city Tuesday. One rebel called NATO “liars” and said, “They are siding with Gaddafi.” NATO dismissed rebel criticisms, saying that the safety of civilians is its top priority. They also accused Gaddifi’s forces of hiding tanks and weapons among civilians to prevent NATO from completing their airstrikes. Meanwhile, attacks by Gaddafi’s troops have slowed production in rebel-held oil fields. Rebels had been planning to use the profits from their oil exports to pay salaries and buy food, but they can no longer sustain the 100,000 barrels of oil per day that they had been producing.