Rebels to Get Gaddafi's Assets

Col. Gaddafi can't be happy about this. NATO and leaders of Arab and African countries have agreed to “work urgently” to transfer Gaddafi's frozen assets to the rebels. The announcement comes after the first meeting between members of the NATO-led coalition, regional leaders, and the Libyan rebels. “This is the money of the Libyans, not of Colonel Gaddafi,” said Italy's foreign minister, Franco Frattini, who added that the aid would go toward “humanitarian and daily needs.” Rebel leader Abudl Hafidh Ghoga expressed optimism about members of the coalition soon arming the rebels, but he would not reveal whether any agreement had been reached. “We have made a request to those friendly nations and those who have made their official recognition, and we are in the final stages of requesting military equipment,” said Ghoga. If the rebels get military aid, it will likely be from single nations rather than from the coalition as a whole.