Iran in Turmoil

Report: Bomb, Tear Gas in Tehran

Iranian anti-riot police are using tear gas and water cannons to combat protesters, according to witnesses, while state television is reporting the shrine of Supreme Leader Khomeini has been bombed, injuring at least two. Reuters reports that the bombing was the act of a suicide bomber, who died. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that a huge security force dispersed a couple thousand protesters in front of Tehran University, and it's unclear if political leaders were also in attendance. Much confusion surrounded the demonstration: The wife of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi said the rally would go ahead early on Saturday, even after the country's Supreme Leader forbade the demonstration the day before. But other reformist groups said the rally was canceled by the Party. Many protesters had already shown up. The police chief said on state TV that police "will act with determination against all illegal demonstrations and protests." and arrest demonstrators. Mousavi was scheduled to make a statement at the rally.