Report: CNN Has ‘Serious Questions’ About Conway’s ‘Credibility’

According to The New York Times, CNN editors have “serious questions” about the credibility of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, which led the cable-TV network to decline an offer for her to appear on one of its programs Sunday. The Trump administration reportedly did not offer to have Vice President Mike Pence on the network’s State of the Union on Sunday, and instead offered Conway. Pence appeared on all of the other major networks’ Sunday-morning political news programs. Conway later denied the report on Twitter, saying she had family commitments that prevented her from appearing on Sunday shows. However, CNN’s communications team said on Twitter that the network “passed” after the White House offered Conway. Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” responded to the network’s tweet saying, “you are not the first.” Conway has been taking criticism in recent days for slamming reporters over mistakes, while at the same time falsely claiming there was a “Bowling Green massacre” involving radicalized Iraqi refugee that was never covered by the media. Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN as “fake news,” and the White House was reported to be “freezing out” CNN—blocking its staffers and official surrogates from appearing on the cable news network.