Report: Deng Had ‘Crush’ on Blair

Can we skip ahead 25 years for the tell-all? Because it’s pretty safe to say these rumors are only going to get wilder until we know the truth. Britain’s Mail on Sunday alleges that Wendi Deng, the (now) ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, had a “crush” on former Prime Minister Tony Blair. In a note Deng reportedly wrote to herself before she and Murdoch divorced, Deng mentions “warm feelings” for Blair. Another source told the Mail that this is all something out of nothing, and “Wendi was going through a very difficult time with Rupert and Tony was a shoulder to cry on. There is nothing more to it than that.” The Mail also repeated its statement from last week that the paper has no evidence of an affair between Deng and Blair and “that remains the case.”