Report: Ex-Reuters Boss Got Top Newsweek Job After Harassment Allegations

A Newsweek Media Group executive landed his position months after being fired from Reuters over sexual-harassment allegations, BuzzFeed News reported Monday. Dayan Candappa was a high-ranking editor at Reuters, where he allegedly pressured a senior reporter for a sexual relationship for nearly 10 months. Candappa allegedly propositioned the reporter repeatedly, sent her inappropriate texts, and threatened her that “it would not be good” if she did not return his interest. The woman told Reuters’ HR department that she believed Candappa had retaliated against her by giving her poor performance reviews. Reuters then fired Candappa in February 2016. He was hired to a more senior role at Newsweek Media Group in May that year. Former Newsweek executives told BuzzFeed that they had conducted a background check on Candappa before his hiring. Candappa is still with the company as global editor-in-chief of the Newsweek publication International Business Times, and chief content officer of Newsweek Media Group. Later on Monday evening, Newsweek announced that Candappa was placed on leave pending an internal investigation.