Report: Homeland Security Accused of Violating Court Orders on Travel Ban

The Department of Homeland Security has been accused by its own official watchdog of “violating two court orders” on President Trump’s first travel ban executive order in January, Politico reports. The 87-page report by Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security John Roth—which has yet to be released—claims senior managers at Customs and Border Protection were “caught by surprise” by Trump’s Jan. 27 order and that agency officials “violated two court orders” limiting implementation of the ban. The ban triggered confusion at airports nationwide but was described by a White House official at the time as a “massive success story.” Roth has also accused the department of delaying the release of the public report. A letter sent to lawmakers on Monday and seen by Politico reportedly said the inspector general’s report was sent to the Department of Homeland Security on Oct. 6, but officials have refused to authorize its release, claiming they need time to review it. “I am very troubled by this development,” Roth was cited as saying in his letter.