Report: Indictments to Be Announced in Massive Yahoo Hack

The Justice Department is expected to announce indictments Wednesday against suspects in a massive hacking attack against Yahoo, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday. Four people face indictments for their involvement in the online security breaches, which saw hundreds of millions of user accounts compromised. Three of the suspects live in Russia, and the fourth resides in Canada, Bloomberg reported, citing an anonymous source familiar with the situation. U.S. authorities were expected to arrest the suspect in Canada as early as Tuesday. It was not immediately clear which data breach the suspects were accused of involvement in. Yahoo has suffered a series of hacking attacks in recent years, with hackers stealing users’ personal data in a 2013 breach and 500 million user accounts compromised in 2014. The breaches—and the company’s delay in disclosing them—prompted a $350 million price reduction in the company’s sale of its web operations to Verizon Communications.