Report: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Reached Out to Fox News About ‘Contributor’ Role

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reached out to Fox News about potential employment opportunities after he leaves the Trump administration, Politico reports. Zinke reportedly contacted the news network to convey his interest in a “contributor” position, and he is also seeking roles on “energy company boards of directors or even with private equity firms.” One source said a contract with Fox News was unlikely for Zinke, unless President Trump asked Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News’ parent company. And in a statement to The Daily Beast, a Fox News spokesperson said “No one at Fox News has spoken to Zinke about a contributor role.”

Zinke reportedly made it known he plans to leave his role at the Interior Department by the end of this year. However, Politico reports he may have to leave earlier depending on what Trump thinks about the Zinke probe the Interior Department’s inspector general has referred to the Justice Department. The IG’s office reportedly only refers probes to the DOJ if “potential criminal violations” have occurred. The DOJ is reportedly investigating whether or not Zinke used his “office for personal gain.”