Report: Megyn Kelly Wanted an Intervention for Roger Ailes

Among the revelations in Gabriel Sherman’s latest reporting on Fox News is the claim that host Megyn Kelly once attempted to stage an intervention about Roger Ailes’s serial sexual-harassment problem. “In 2012, after I had been reporting my Ailes biography for a year, Megyn Kelly became so concerned about the rumors that she went to Ailes’s then–PR chief, Brian Lewis, and attempted an intervention, according to a person close to Kelly,” Sherman wrote Friday. “She told Lewis that Ailes was being reckless and that I might include his behavior in my book. (I did report the stories of two women who claimed Ailes had harassed them earlier in his career, and though I heard rumors of Ailes and Fox News women, I could not confirm them at the time.) Lewis, according to the source, asked [Ailes’s personal aide Judy] Laterza to tell Ailes to stop because he thought Ailes might listen to his longtime assistant. Instead, according to the source, Laterza told Ailes that his PR chief was being disloyal.” Lewis was fired less than a year later, Sherman noted. Kelly went on to give allegedly damning testimony to the outside law firm hired by 21st Century Fox to investigate accusations of Ailes sexually harassing female employees.