Report: Missing U.S. Student Alive in N. Korea Working as Kim Jong Un's Tutor

A new report claims a 24-year-old American student who disappeared 12 years ago is actually living in North Korea and working as Kim Jong Un’s English tutor. An article posted by Yahoo Japan on Thursday claims that David Sneddon, a student at Brigham Young University, was abducted and taken to Pyongyang in August 2004, when he went missing during a hiking trip in southwestern China. In addition to alleging that Sneddon has become Kim Jong Un’s tutor, the report also claims Sneddon now has a wife and two children. Sneddon’s American wife, Kathleen Sneddon, said she was skeptical of the report, but that “he’s probably teaching English. That’s the most likely thing to use him for.” State Department spokesman John Kirby dismissed the report, saying U.S. authorities had seen “no verifiable evidence” that the claims in the report were true.